Proposed New Members



At the July meeting you will be introduced to Club members.

You will be voted into membership at our August 23rd meeting by Club members in attendance. Both you and your sponsor are required to attend the July and August meetings. Start time for the meeting is 7pm., please come by 6:30 to be checked in.

After being accepted as a member you will receive a badge/membership card and a copy of all Club rules – By Laws – Property map and Club Officer Contact info. Please wait for your name to be called, don’t rush the table.

Bring with you a check/money order/cash  in the amount of $400.00 broken down as follows – Dues $125.00, — Annual Raffle $25.00, — Initiation Fee $250.00. Have check/money order made out IN ADVANCE to Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club or BR& GC.

Junior and Spousal memberships are welcome with a $35.00 fee. No Junior or Spousal memberships will processed at the August meeting. Take an application at the meeting and return it to me with $35.00 plus $4.00 for return postage by mail, or in person at a later date

Thank You, John Mazza Jr, 2 Dragotta Road, Marlboro, NY 12542   Phone (845) 236-7349