Various Club Rules

Archery Range Rules

1. Range hours: Sun up to Sunset Daily

Big Game Hunting Season: Range Open 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
May Turkey Season: Range Open 12 p.m. to Sunset
Range is CLOSED during any Sanctioned Club Events.
Events will be announced at Club Meetings, the newsletter and the Web site.

2. Range is open to Members and their Immediate Family (spouse and children) plus guests.

3. All Archers must sign the ARCHERY RANGE LOG – IN SHEET located in the Mailbox on the Range.

4. Do not use ALCOHOL while utilizing the Archery Range.

5. Be sure of your TARGET and what’s BEYOND THE TARGET.

6. No Archer shall draw an arrow while someone else is downrange. If a group is shooting, all persons must be behind the shooter. No bow shall be handled while Archers are pulling arrows.


8. Archers may use their own paper targets on the Block. Nails for tacking targets to the block will be provided in the block itself. Please notify a member of the Archery committee if nails need to be replenished.

9. DO NOT DEFACE or DAMAGE the Block.

10. Keep The Archery Range CLEAN and dispose of any trash in the provided container.

11. Members not complying with these RULES face DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND POSSIBLE EXPULSION FROM THE CLUB. The Board of Directors will review any complaints and decide on proper disciplinary actions to be taken.

Bird Preserve Rules

1. Preserve Hours 9am to Sunset.
• Preserve closed during big game rifle season.
• Must have owner’s permission for all other hunting seasons.
2. Preserve use is for club members only.

3. All members must sign in and record date and time before hunting.

4. Members must display their badges at all times.

5. All firearms must remain unloaded until safely in the field.

6. All Hunters must wear Hunter safety orange and eye protection.

7. No Hunting in standing corn.

8. No Hunting in Christmas tree farm.

9. No Hunting or discharging firearm within 500 feet of dwelling.

10. All dogs must remain in control at all times.
• Aggressive or out of control dogs will be asked to leave.
11. Help keep preserve clean.
• Pickup empty shot shell hulls.
• Remove garbage, if you brought it in, take it out.
12. All members must sign out and record take and time.
• Carcass must be recorded within DEC regulations.
13. No parking in front of Barnes.

14. Preserve chair will be responsible for scheduling; recording and turning in all members’ bird preserve work hours.

15. Members not complying with rules face DISCIPLINARY ACTION AND POSSIBLE EXPULSION FROM THE CLUB. The Board of Directors will review any complaints and have final decisions.

Lake Rules

Please use certified bait. Download DEC details here

Camping and Camper Policy

Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club

Camping Rules:

  1. Use of our facilities by members is encouraged, however, the use of the property and facilities must be shared.
  2. Definition of a camper- travel trailer, motorhome, motorized vehicle that can be used as a temporary sleeping facility (truck camper or pickup truck with a camper shell).
  3. Any motorhome, travel trailer, motorized vehicle used for camping must have a current motor vehicle registration and state inspection for the state in which it is registered.
  4. Campers will be allowed to use the property during the approved camping season which will be April 1 to November 30th.
  5. All camping on club property must be “dry camping”. The term dry camping means there will be no physical hookups to club electric or water.
  6. All campers will be kept on the Klein Property at the north end of the lake in designated areas.
  7. The club grounds will not be used as a storage facility for camping units. Units left on the club property after the camping season dates will be towed from the property at the owners expense.
  8. There are no restrictions on tent camping except that they will also be restricted to tent assigned areas, which will include the west side of the lake and the north end of the lake.
  9. All camping areas will be kept clean, neat and in good order.
  10. We as the camping committee will monitor the camping areas and campers that use the camp property and act accordingly if violations are found.

Committee Chair Ron D’Aprile phone@845-564-3557


NRA Gun Safety and BRAGC Gun Rules