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See notice below regarding Range money for guests.
Bethlehem Rod & Gun Club

Bethlehem Rod & Gun Club

In 1941 the Club started in the basement of the Bethlehem Presbyterian Church on Rt 94 heading into Washingtonville NY as a 22 league; hence the name.

Our first deed in Plattekill (for 86 acres) was 1984; with our current club house built in 1985.

We currently own 7 parcels of land totaling 186 acres.

Members enjoy; hunting, fishing, trap, pistol & rifle range, archery, and boating.

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Due to Saturday-Sunday  Range House break-in,

the Board decided temporarily to have members and their guests leave their 10 dollar guest fee in the locked box (under the TV) in the Clubhouse.


Thank You

Tony Sorrentino

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New Membership Status

This Year there are (38) New Membership Vacancies; We Have (3) Members That Are Returning Leaving (35) New Membership Spots open for New Members.

We will introduce The New Prospective Members at the July 25th Meeting, and Vote on Bringing them in at The August 22nd Meeting.

There are Still (97) Applications on Hand for Membership

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Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club is a member of Tri-County Archers Association. The archery committee is co-chaired by Edward Malle and Bob Hillerio.  As a reminder, every person using the facility, must sign in.  Members are responsible for the actions of their guests

Archery is believed to the first step in the shooting sports. Well before pellet, BB and paintball, this is where youth are first exposed to how much fun and challenging the shooting sports can be.

The Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club hosts four 3D archery shoots each year and is looking to expand its program. The Archery Committee is supported by the club and club event fees. We do not to charge kids under 12  at our events and members participate at discounted fees.

Archery Committee

I am proud to say the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club has a very active archery committee.  The goal of the Archery committee is to expose youth to the outdoors and to encourage others to enjoy the sport of archery through education and instruction in a safe environment.  Each 3D event is supported by volunteers and instructors who are dedicated to the advancement of archery as a means to build confidence in young children and individuals who are new to archery.

The work of the Archery Committee includes the design and construction of the course, trail clearing, marking the course, maintaining the targets, conducting the 3D  shoots and breaking down the course. There are ample opportunities to complete the mandatory work requirement within the archery program.


Archery News

3D Archery Shoot Flyer

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Concrete Slab Pour

7-15-2022 Andre Aresting of A & L Seal Coating & Masonry did the concrete pours

Two are located on either side of the shed facing the road into the club.  One is located behind the archery club shed for potential expansion of shed.  Two are located at the rifle/pistol range. Various items will now be placed on the slabs rather than the ground.

Photos by Joe Valastro

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July 7th Driveway Entrance Road Work

Work done by Green Meadows Enterprises Inc. completed the project to widen and raise the entrance to the club.  More than 200 yards of material was added and compacted.  Visibility while exiting the club is much better now.  The entrance is safer to both enter and exit the club.

participants in making this happen were: Bob Vogel, Mike Barton, Ray Baird and Ron D’Aprile.  The exit hill from the club to New Unionville Road was reworked and new stone was put down.

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Rifle and Pistol Range

Rifle and Pistol Range Summer / Fall Event Schedule

Saturday July 2nd, 8:00 AM

Work party to build new target stands.

Tuesday August 16th, 6PM – 9PM

3 hour pistol skill-builder w/ Onsight Firearms Training

     – Cost: $75 for members

     – Click here to sign up

Saturday September 3rd, 8:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Hunters Safety Course w/ Pat Macquignon

– Sign up DEC website forthcoming

– Cost: Free

Saturday September 10th, 10:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Trauma Medical Class w/ Onsight Firearms Training

– Cost: $150

– Click here to sign up

Saturday October 29th, 10:00 AM

Range Safety Officer Course w/ Julio DeLeon

– Members only – Limited to 20 spots

– Cost: Free (excluding NRA fees)

Thursday November 3rd, 7:00 PM

Article 35: Use of Force Justification presentation

  w/ Peter Tilem (Tilem & Associates)

– Cost: Free

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2022 Kids Fishing Derby

John & Wilma Klein Memorial

  • Saturday Oct 15th 10:00am-10am – 2:00pm

Rain or Shine

Ages from 0-14

  • Must pre-register by Oct 1st

starts at 9:00 AM

Member’s immediate family only

Lunch served and Prizes for all

Point of Contacts:

Co-Chair- Clara Bartunek and Brian Hetherly

Registration/Work hours call Clara at: 845-774-6004

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Hunting Reminder

Hunting Reminder

It is the hunter’s responsibility to know where they are. Hunt only on Bethlehem Property. Respect the boundaries. We have had a slight issue with our neighboring landowners and do not want a problem. Do not cross onto another property without express permission. Do not shoot across the property lines. Be respectful good hunters. And always look beyond the target- be safe.

Thank You.  The Board of Directors.

In Memory


                                             10 -19 -1927     07 – 18 – 2022

With heavy hearts the Officers and Directors of Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club announce the passing of senior member Tony Sorrentino Sr. Tony, was our oldest Senior member at 94. His son Tony Sorrentino Jr is our current President. Tony was also the father of deceased member Pat Sorrentino. As an accomplished pistol shooter, who never lost his skills, Tony spent time this spring with two of his sons and a grandson at our range. Please keep Tony Sr and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

A Lighted Candle In Memory of Our Departed Club Members