Do Not Eat Food In Fridge (see message below). Reminder: May’s Member’s meeting is changed to May 20th, due to Memorial Holiday Weekend.
Picnic Tables Repair

Your Family Fun Sportsman Club  

By order of the President, As a reminder to our members, the Club’s tractor is only to be operated for

snow removal and approved maintenance issues during the winter season.

Members who have been instructed and familiar with the operation of, should notify Grounds Chair, Mike Barton of your intended use. Thank You.


The club cooks begin preparing food for club meetings and events a few days in advance of the Meeting date. This prep is then stored in the clubhouse and in the fridge. These items are not for general consumption. Please do not open or help yourself to them. A Chain and lock may be placed on the fridge as a temporary fix. Thank You for Your Consideration.

Signed The Officers and Board of Directors.

President’s “A” Club Drawing

Presidents Club drawing number for February is # 122

Thinking about getting into the action for 2019, click here

New Bathroom

Rudy Baird & Dave Degraw

Looking Good!


Al Monteleone took the time to rebuild the benches by the dam.  Those benches had seen better days and were in desperate need of repair.  Al didn’t waste any time and worked into the night to get them back in shape.  When the weather breaks and the wood dries out, Al has also agreed to paint them.

4/17/2019 Bald Eagle at BRAGC

by Joe Valastro

Off Site Courses

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Adaptive Shooting Sport
592 Route22 – Suite 2A
Pawling, NY 12564


Pheasant Preserve Update

For 2018 we have signed an agreement and have  pheasant land to hunt.
Please click on details below:
Lease Agreement – Directions
Bird Lease Rules
Farm Parking
Stocking Schedule

2019 schedule to be determined.

Any questions, or concerns, please direct them to:
Bob Bready
Pheasant Chairperson

Newly Formed Legislative Committee Chairperson:  Gene Hecht 845-566-8314


Hudson Valley 3 D Archery Chmpionship Series

>Click Here For Dates<

 Veterans Page

A new Veterans Page has been added to our website; click here, or menu.

Need your Veteran records; click below:



Information submitted by Mike Barton

Small Fish Sanctuary

The small fish sanctuary will offer protection and allow the small fish an opportunity to breed.

Fish Sanctuary Pics click here

More Game Dinner Pics

Game Dinner Pics click here

Pavilion Tree Damage

CORRECTION, Last month (March) the fallen tree was actually cleaned up by our 2 good members John Darcy and Bob Haight.  These 2 guys did an outstanding job.  They safely removed the tree from on top of the pavilion.  Cut it up and stacked it neatly without having to be asked.  A very big thanks to a job well managed and completed to perfection!


Trap Update

The first Sunday of every month (weather permitting) will be the “Trap Shooting Social” and everyone is invited.
We’ll shoot from 10am to 1pm. After the shoot, we’ll enjoy food and drinks and conversation at the pavilion.
If you’re a regular or never shot trap before … we’ll have experienced Trap Committee personnel there to get you started and feel comfortable in a short time. Come join us. Guests are welcome to shoot ($5 per round guest fee applies). Bring your shotgun and ammunition. The clay targets, food and drinks are all part of these special days. So come join us!

Michael Hall Sr. 845-565-5881

Fish Stocking

Fish stocking 27th of March starting at 11:00 AM

please call Pete Crisci at 845-476-2302 to get on stocking list.   

Lake Rules

for more information contact

Pete Crisci


Special Notices / Announcements

 March 26, 2018 Current By-Laws

By-Law changes presented in January will be voted on in February. All proposed changes passed

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