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Bethlehem Rod & Gun Club

Bethlehem Rod & Gun Club

In 1941 the Club started in the basement of the Bethlehem Presbyterian Church on Rt 94 heading into Washingtonville NY as a 22 league; hence the name.

Our first deed in Plattekill (for 86 acres) was 1984; with our current club house built in 1985.

We currently own 7 parcels of land totaling 186 acres.

Members enjoy; hunting, fishing, trap, pistol & rifle range, archery, and boating.

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Kioti Tractor

Attention All Members:

There is now an authorized operator list for the Kioti tractor.

No one is permitted to use unless you are approved and listed.

Any questions, call Greg Fischer (Chairman Grounds and Maintenance)

Thank You.

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Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club is looking for a Few Good Members

Members needed to step up and assist with leading club events. There are plenty of workers willing to step in and help work the events but need a leader to Chair the event. The Club has many members who have helped out and will gladly back you up and assist with the work and create a great event. Events such as the Family Day, Pig Roast and events you can think up are waiting for a Chair to lead the event. We and many members are ready to join and work the event. We need to get work hours and will help you out. So please step up and contact Tony Sorrentino (the President) and volunteer your efforts. Do your part to help make this Club a better place and have fun.

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Work Party

Work Party Saturday

September 9th

8:00 am to 12 noon

Clean Up

General grounds clean-up. All equipment will be on site.

Good way to get work hours in–Senior Members are needed to supervise.

Lunch at noon, 

Club maintance and lawn care is a continuous process; if you would like to get work hours (anytime before the scheduled date), give Greg a call.

Weed Whacking help is strongly needed.

Call Greg for details


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Hunting Reminder

To all Members,

The Board of Directors reminds all members of the club, tree stands are to be removed at the end of the hunting season. Tree stands are also to be labelled with the Members Name, badge number and phone number. There are several unlabeled stands on or very near the property lines. Please collect and remove your stand. If you have any questions please contact the Board of Directors.

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Courses Offered

NRA Range Safety Officer / Red Cross CPR, First Aid, AED & Tourniquet training

  • Red Cross CPR class is on 10/14/2023 at 8 am to 4 pm
  • RSO class is on 11/04/2023 at 8 am to 4 pm

Red Cross Classes are a Pre-requisite for the NRA RSO Class.

There is a charge for the Red Cross CPR class of $60.00.

This will cover the cost of equipment and cert cards that are good for two years.

Furthermore, the club will cover the cost of the NRA books for the RSO class.

All monies are due before the beginning of the CPR class.

There will be three classes set up throughout the 2023 year and ten students per class.

Any questions feel free to call NRA Chief Range Officer J. DeLeon at:


Click here to signup for courses!!

Any questions feel free to call NRA Chief Range Officer J. DeLeon at: 845-401-5108

USPS Driver Safety Instructor
NYS Driver Training Instructor
NYS 16hr Firearms Instructor
NRA Chief Range Safety Officer
NRA Certified Pistol and Rifle Instructor
Personal Protection Inside the Home
Personal Protection Outside the Home
Range Safety Office
Orange County Handgun Safety Instructor
Security Guard Consultant
Certified Utah Firearms Instructor
Certified Multi-State Instructor Cell: (845)563-1630
Business: (845)522-8655


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2023 Kids Fishing


John & Wilma Klein Memorial Celebrate the Annual Fishing Derby

Sunday Oct 22nd 10:00am-2:00pm

Rain or Shine

starts at 9:00 AM

  • Ages from 0-14, participants must be accompanied by an adult
  • Member’s immediate family only
  • Participants may use only one fishing pole
  • Please remember this event is for the children – come and HAVE FUN
  • Lunch served and Prizes for all

    Two days prior to this event, Klein Lake will be stocked with a variety of trout,

ranging in size.

Point of Contacts: Co-Chair- Clara Bartunek and Brian Hetherly

All are welcome to help and attend. Registration/work hours call

Clara 845-774-6004

(Young anglers Charlotte Bartunek, Teddy Heeter and family,

from the 2022 Fishing Derby)

PLEASE pre-register by Oct 10th

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Top Gun Drawing



Bethlehem Rod & Gun Club





One Drawing for $6500.00 Cash

***Only 50 Tickets Sold***

Donations $200.00

 Drawing is 7/24/2023

                  TOP GUN DRAWING

Name    ______________________

Phone #______________________

Badge #______________________

Contact Mike Schetter for more info 845 453-6666 or

for tickets see a Board Member

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President’s Club A & B

Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club

Tickets for both raffles go on sale at the club

SATURDAY mornings from 10 am till 2 pm. Until they are all sold.

A – club-$ 100,00 for 12 monthly drawings of $1000,00

B – club $50,00 for 12 monthly drawings of $500,00


Thank you

N. Michael Schetter

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Links to more information

Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club is a member of Tri-County Archers Association. The archery committee is co-chaired by Edward Malle and Bob Hillerio.  As a reminder, every person using the facility, must sign in.  Members are responsible for the actions of their guests

Archery is believed to the first step in the shooting sports. Well before pellet, BB and paintball, this is where youth are first exposed to how much fun and challenging the shooting sports can be.

The Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club hosts four 3D archery shoots each year and is looking to expand its program. The Archery Committee is supported by the club and club event fees. We do not to charge kids under 12  at our events and members participate at discounted fees.

Archery Committee

I am proud to say the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club has a very active archery committee.  The goal of the Archery committee is to expose youth to the outdoors and to encourage others to enjoy the sport of archery through education and instruction in a safe environment.  Each 3D event is supported by volunteers and instructors who are dedicated to the advancement of archery as a means to build confidence in young children and individuals who are new to archery.

The work of the Archery Committee includes the design and construction of the course, trail clearing, marking the course, maintaining the targets, conducting the 3D  shoots and breaking down the course. There are ample opportunities to complete the mandatory work requirement within the archery program.


Archery News

2023 Archery 3D Shoot September

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Rifle and Pistol Range

Rifle/Pistol Range hours for the month of May 12noon to 9pm.

(Spring Turkey Season) Use the lock box in the range house for guest fees


845 728 2862

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Michael Regulbuto 845-728-2872 MRegulbuto@gmail.com

To check your 5 year NYS pistol recertification go to: https://firearms.troopers.ny.gov/pprecert/.


May 2nd 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM (Click on Photo for Registration Form)

June 6th 6:00 PM – 9:30 PM (Click on Photo for Registration Form)

Cost $75.00 and exclusive to members and their guests up till 3 weeks before the course. 

Please Note: When you registrar at link, $50.00 is deposit, the remaining is due day of class in cash.

“Please make sure you have read the required equipment list and prerequisites.”

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Pheasant Season

2023 Pheasant Season

Bird Lease Rules

  1. Lease hunting hours are 9am till sunset
    a. Lease use is the release dates and the week following.
    b. Lease is for birds only- no other game is authorized.
  2. Lease is for club members only- no guests or family members allowed.
  3. All members must sign in, record dates and times, record take and sign out.
  4. Members must wear club button during hunting.
  5. Members must have NYS hunting license, display back tag and wear hunter orange.
  6. Eye protection must be worn.
  7. All firearms must remain unloaded until safely in the fields.
  8. No hunting or discharge within 500 feet of house.
  9. All dogs must be in control at all times.
    a. Aggressive or out of control dogs will be asked to leave.
  10. Be aware farm has cows, ducks, guinea hens and domestic turkeys.
  11. Keep the lease clean
    a. Pick up empty shot shell hulls
    b. Remove garbage-if you brought it in, take it out.
  12. All members must sign out and record take and time.
  13. Park in allocated parking area.
  14. Head of stocking work detail will sign off on work hours.
    a. Members must present membership card at time of work detail.
  15. Members not complying with rules may face DISCPLINARY ACTIONS AND POSSIBLE EXPULSION FROM THE CLUB. The Board of Directors will review any complaints and has final decision.
  16. No use of the property for any reason other than authorized bird hunting.
  17. Bird Limit is 2 pheasant daily and 2 chukar daily.


2023 Pheasant Stocking Schedule

10/07/23 50 Pheasant 20 Chukar
10/14/23 50 Pheasant 20 Chukar
10/21/23 (Youth Day) 45 Pheasant 20 Chukar
10/22/23 30 Pheasant
10/28/23 50 Pheasant 20 Chukar
11/04/23 50 Pheasant 20 Chukar
12/09/23 25 Pheasant

Stocking is at 7am on the date above. Lease is at the Hoekstra Farm, Hoekstra Ln, Montgomery NY.
Hunting starts at 9am, thru sundown
Badges must be worn at all times.
Limit is 2 Pheasant and 2 chukar per day per person.
NYS Hunting License/backtag and club badge are required. Hunter Orange required.
Youth Day Saturday Oct 21 hunting for youth 16 years and under only until 1PM. Adults after 1PM.

Please register your youth by calling the Chairperson Bob Bready 845-883-5935

Any questions, or concerns, please direct them to:
Bob Bready
Pheasant Chairperson

In Memory


                                         07/13/1950  — 6/22/2023

With heavy hearts the Officers and Directors of Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club announce the passing of Life Member Joe Alessi. Joe joined our Club in 2000 and served as Financial Secretary from 2004 to 2014. Best remembered as “Mister Roberts Rules of Order” Joe made many meetings lively. Please keep Joe and his family in your thoughts and prayers.

A Lighted Candle In Memory of Our Departed Club Members