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Five new Members to be presented at our February Meeting Two of the names listed in the newsletter have declined Membership at this time. The following is an updated list.

Name Sponsor
David Randolph –Newburgh Reynold Randolph
Dillon Batista –Newburgh Joe Santese
Cliff Gunsett –Marlboro Steve Gunsett
Steven Markle –Marlboro Tony Sorrentino
Linda Reid –Highland Bill Schueler

Two Members have met the requirements for Life Membership
Joe Gatt and Gus Diviesti

As voted by members at our February meeting; issues regarding ATVs  use;

The membership have established the following regulation:

ATVs are allowed, but must be: registered, insured with operator and passengers must wear a helmet, no promiscuous riding allowed.

Camping and campers policy Update Vote

Use of our facility by members is encouraged. However the use of the property and facilities must be a shared use.

Therefore the board of directors recommend the following;

Definition of a camper- Tent, travel trailer, motorhome, motorized vehicle that can be used as a temporary sleeping facility (truck camper or pick up with a camper shell).

Any motorhome, travel trailer, motorized vehicle used for camping on the property must have a current motor vehicle registration and state inspection for the state in which it is registered.

A camper will be allowed to use the property for a period of no longer than two weeks and then must be removed from the property and not returned to the property for a period of two weeks. This time period will be monitored by the board of directors.

All camping on the property must be “dry camping”. The term dry camping is commonly used to mean that the camper is not physically hooked up to water, electric or sewer facilities of the club.

All campers will be allowed in the cleared area opposite of the “Old Mans’ Dock”, there will be no camping allowed in the close proximity of the club house and the surrounding grass areas.

The club grounds will not be used as a storage facility for camping units. Units left on the property after the allowed two weeks may be towed from the property and the cost of towing passed on to the member

Violation of this policy may be cause for suspension or expulsion from the club.

This policy will be proposed at the January meeting and submitted to a membership vote at the March meeting,

Multi License & Gun Safety Courses
March 26, 2017 AT 8:00 AM. UTAH/ FLORIDA MULT- STATE COURSE – $75.00
and 1:30 PM HANDGUN SAFETY COURSE – $50.00

Any Questions Contact:
Rod Tillman

Gun Courses docx File Download

Trout Stocking

March 29th at 9 am

Trout Shootout

The Trout Shootout will be Saturday April 1st 6am-3pm.
Cost $12 and includes breakfast and lunch.
Cash prize for biggest and heaviest 4 fish.
Any questions call:
John Kirk

Special Note:  Newsletter contributions for February need to in to Paul Stokes by 10th of this month.

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