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Bethlehem Rod & Gun Club Store

New Bethlehem Store is now open for a limited time. The BRGC apparel store will be open till Nov.1, 2021. There will be bulk pickup, once all orders come in after closing date, all orders will be distributed at a Club meeting.

The BRGC on line store will be closing by Nov.1 for this year.

Please get your orders in by that date.

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BRAGC Scholarship

Winner Angelina O’Neill will be attending Marist College this fall (on right)

Dave Levinson to the right with Angelina’s Parents and Sister.

Chairperson: Dave Levinson’s tele. (H) 845-562-0091

                                                          (C) 914-213-5333

Archery News

       ARCHERY NEWS                                        


Sign in when you use the range or 3D course (RED MAILBOX).  There is a new sign in station at the range and the $10 guest fee is in effect.  Please use the envelopes and place the envelope with the fee in the mailbox.   The range is looking good, there are yard markers for 20, 30, 40, 50 & 60 yards.  The archery range is currently open from sunrise to sunset.  Crossbows may be used on the range (bag targets only).  Use crossbow bolts and arrows with field points only.  Styrofoam blocks that have been tied together may be used as a target for broadheads.    The yellow chain is to stay up as a caution  to designate a possible live archery range. 

                                  3D RANGE                           

The 3D course is available daily from sunrise to sunset.   Field tip arrows only on the 3D course, no crossbows.  If a target is covered or down, it is not available to shoot. 


The Tri-County 3D schedule has been published and is on our website.  Our shoots have been well attended and received a great deal of positive feedback.  We host shoots on:

 August 8th and September 12th

(registration is between 7am and noon)

We have a novice clinic during the shoots, 8am – 1am for a $5 fee sponsored by Dawn to Dusk Archery Bow Addiction (Contact  Vinnie  @   *917-273-2194*   25 Hart St. Walden, NY).  There is also be a Rinehart Target raffle and food and drinks will be available for purchase.  See flyer for details.

If you would like to join the archery committee or volunteer to help out at our club events, setting up the 3D course and general maintenance of the facilities contact Ed Malle.  The next work party will be August 8th (the event) starting at 6:30am – 1pm (come and put in whatever hours you can).  It’s a great way to get your work hours in while having fun hanging with some new friends. 

Edward Malle,,      845-541-6775


Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club is a member of Tri-County Archers Association. The archery committee is co-chaired by Edward Malle and Bob Hillerio.  As a reminder, every person using the facility, must sign in.  Members are responsible for the actions of their guests

Archery is believed to the first step in the shooting sports. Well before pellet, BB and paintball, this is where youth are first exposed to how much fun and challenging the shooting sports can be.

The Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club hosts four 3D archery shoots each year and is looking to expand its program. The Archery Committee is supported by the club and club event fees. We do not to charge kids under 12  at our events and members participate at discounted fees.

Archery Committee

I am proud to say the Bethlehem Rod and Gun Club has a very active archery committee.  The goal of the Archery committee is to expose youth to the outdoors and to encourage others to enjoy the sport of archery through education and instruction in a safe environment.  Each 3D event is supported by volunteers and instructors who are dedicated to the advancement of archery as a means to build confidence in young children and individuals who are new to archery.

The work of the Archery Committee includes the design and construction of the course, trail clearing, marking the course, maintaining the targets, conducting the 3D  shoots and breaking down the course. There are ample opportunities to complete the mandatory work requirement within the archery program.


The Archery Range features a 60 yard range with yard markers every 10 yards. The main range includes two large bag targets for bows and crossbows and a separate target for broadheads (during hunting season).   On occasion, a 3D target is set out for the members and guests to use.  Broadheads are allowed on the range but only on the designated target. Cross bows are allowed at the range, bag targets only.


We are currently looking to expand our inventory in order to have bows, arrows and targets for our youth and members new to the sport of archery to utilize.  Sponsors are welcome.

3D Shoots / Course

The  3D course has evolved over the years and currently occupies the side of a large ridge. This gives us a very scenic, well wooded terrain with a variety of elevation changes.  We allow the terrain to dictate the placement of our targets with the intent to mimic real life scenarios.  The club is proud to display Rinehart targets.  Our 3D shoots are open to the general public.  The course has 30 stations with approximately 36 – 40 targets.  Only field point arrows are permitted on the 3D course.  The course is open to the members throughout the summer.

We look forward to new members becoming familiar with the course and the property through sharing of the work load and participating in the shoots. All the 3D shoots are on Sundays. We set up on the Saturday before the shoot . Registration for the shoots is Sunday morning at 7:00 AM. Registration ends at 12:00 noon and the course closes at 2:00 PM. We collect a couple of  targets, bring in the signs and general clean up and end approximately 3pm

Tri-County Archers

Tri County Archers consists of five sportsmen’s clubs located in Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties, in New York. The schedule and directions to each participating club may be found at our website also.  Each club conducts an average of four 3-D archery shoots between April and September. The Tri County Archers Association has responsibility for promoting and advertising the various 3D shoots. This is accomplished through web, Facebook, word of mouth,  email and newspaper. Funds for advertising are raised from the annual Father’s Day shoot which boasts 40 stations, wide selection of food and drink and possible prizes.

The Tri-County Archers include the following clubs:

  • Bethlehem Rod & Gun Club
  • Monroe Chester Sportsmen Club
  • Black Rock Fish & Game Club
  • Otisville Sportsmen’s Association
  • Walden Sportsmen’s Club
  • B & B Archery

2021 3D Shoot Flyer < click

Click here for the 2021 3-D Shoot Schedule and Club Directions

Archery News 7-21

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