Archery Programs


The instructional archery league is going to have two purposes, instruction and to introduce archers to 3D archery.  We are looking for archers 10 years of age and older (adults are welcome).  For the beginner archers instruction will be the focus.  The more advanced archers the targets will be more challenging and the 3D archery course be will be used.  This league will be for compound bows and traditional bows, everyone will shoot together unless there are enough participants to warrant making various groups.  We are looking to begin on June 1. 2022 (Wednesday) and meet for four consecutive Wednesday evenings starting at 6pm and end 7 – 7:30.  There will be a $10 fee for members and $20 for nonmembers to help with costs.  It would best if you were able to bring your own bow (the club has 3 right-handed bows, one left-handed, arrows and arm guards).  We intend to have a BBQ  at the conclusion of the league.  Check the website and newsletter for registration form.  Junior must be accompanied by a parent/guardian.  For additional info contact Ed @ 845-541-6775  or

Detach this portion with payment and return to Ed Malle at meetings or archery locking mailbox by May 20, 2022.


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 INSTRUCTIONAL LEAGUE REGISTRATION NAME ________________________________________

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PARENT/GUARDIAN (for a minor) Email __________________________________

Allergies bee stings, Plants

Food ☐

AGE: ______ (for minor) No Eperience M / F RH / LH Member $10 (NM) $40

EXPERIENCE: No Exp ________ Some Experience  Y                    N

Equipment you have: bow arrows quiver arm guard release Equipment you need: bow

arrows arm guard

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