Archery Range

The Bethlehem Rod & Gun Club has an archery range that is located on the west side of the lake.  The range currently has three targets, two for field points and one for broadheads.  There are yard markers indicating 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 yards.  At the range there are ample bow hangers and a picnic area. 


Range is available to members and immediate family

Range is open daily from sunrise to sunset

            Exceptions: Closed for all sanctioned club events

                                    Open 10am – 2pm during big game hunting season

                                    Open 12pm – sunset during May turkey season

Sign in and out in the log book

Range is open to members and their immediate family

No Alcohol or Drug Useage

Field point arrows on 3D  targets only

Field point arrows and bolts on the bag targets on the range

Broadheads on Styrofoam targets only

Yellow chain must be up indicating an active archery range

Keep the archery range clean and dispose of trash in appropriate containers

Do not deface any of the targets or frames

Report any issues / concerns to a member of the archery committee


DO NOT shoot if impaired, no alcohol or drug use.

Be sure of your target and what is beyond your target

Do Not use damaged bows, crossbows, arrows or bolts

Only shoot at targets

All archers will:

            Shoot from the same yard marker

            Stand behind an active shooter

            Keep arrows pointing down range

All archers will not:           

Draw an arrow if someone is down range

            Shoot an arrow straight up into the air

            Use any damaged equipment

                        Ex. splintered arrows, cracked bows

Members not complying with these rules will face disciplinary actions and possible expulsion from the club.  The Board of Directors will review any complaints and decide on the proper disciplinary actions to be taken.