Range Rules

Range Hours

  1. Daily range hours 10:00 AM to 9:00 PM.
  2. Big game hunting season range hours 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM, and then ½ hour past sunset to 9:00 PM. No exceptions.
  3. Spring turkey hunting season range hours 12:00 NOON to 9:00 PM. No exceptions.
  4. Range may be closed during scheduled events (leagues, competitions, steel plate challenge, archery events, NRA marksman events, classes, etc). Check calendar for schedule.
  5. Range is closed during BRG family events (fishing derby, family picnic, pig roast, game dinners, etc).
  6. Rifle / Pistol range will be closed during Trap times: 10 to 1 PM Sunday, 5 PM to 8 PM Monday

Range Use

  1. Range Safety Officers are designated by the club as a position of authority and shooters are required to comply with instructions or direction given by them at any time. NRA accredited Range Safety Officers carry an official identification card.
  2. Eye and hearing protection required of everyone in the range house whether shooting or observing.
  3. Members and guests MUST sign-in prior to shooting. Range book is located in cabinet.
  4. Members must collect $10 for each guest. Payments must be put in an envelope and placed in the range cash box. Write the member’s name, ID number and name of guest on the envelope.
  5. Members’ children shoot free until age 12 then must become a member or pay the $10.00 guest fee. Member spouses must be either a member or pay the $10.00 guest fee.
  6. Guests must be supervised by an adult club member. Children may not be unattended at any time.
  7. Club members have priority over guests.
  8. Keep range, buildings and parking lot clean. Brass must be picked-up before leaving.
  9. Close windows, turn-off heat, lights and fans before leaving. All target stands must be brought in.
  10. DO NOT open the first-aid kit unless tending to an injury. Do not remove tape or other items.
  11. DO NOT remove any BRG property from the range (hearing protection, shooting stands, eye protection, first aid kits, etc).
  12. DO NOT use green-tip or armor piercing ammunition on this range.
  13. DO NOT place or remove any sign or notice at the gun range without prior authorization by the Chief Range Safety Officer.
  14. One shooter per shooting station/firing line.
  15. Targets must be positioned directly in front of the shooting station. Do not shoot across the range or diagonally.

Range Safety

  1. DO NOT enter the range house while under the influence of alcohol or any drug.
  2. DO NOT handle any firearm for any reason while any person is downrange. Rifles must be cased or racked, unloaded with action open. Handguns must be unloaded with action open.
  3. DO NOT load guns unless at a shooting station. Firearm action must remain open and unloaded until ready to use. Loaded firearms must be holstered or pointed downrange at all times.
  4. DO NOT load firearms at rear shelf, storage areas or in any parking lot.
  5. DO NOT discharge any firearm into the shale banks, walls, concrete barriers , in the air or at any BRG property. Doing so will result in immediate termination of membership.
  6. DO NOT fire any fully automatic weapon at this range without prior approval from club management.
  7. DO NOT use buckshot or birdshot on any wood-frame target.
  8. DO NOT shoot at ground targets or bottles. Shoot only authorized targets.
  9. DO NOT shoot from outside the range house unless doing so as part of a scheduled/approved activity. All shooting must be performed from a shooting station.
  10. Minimum shooting distance for .50 BMG caliber guns is 50 yards.
  11. Shooters must sound two long blasts on the air horn prior to shooting.
  12. Any steel target use REQUIRES the permission and presence of a Range Safety Officer.
  13. Keep your finger off the trigger until ready to shoot. Be sure of your target and beyond.
  14. Follow all NRA safety rules.
  15. Drawing of handguns may only be done from inside the training room.
  16. All misfires and duds must be placed in steel safety box. 

Important Legal Information

  • Only persons licensed for handgun possession in the state of NY may legally posses or fire any pistol or revolver. Under NYS law the possession or use of any loaded handgun without a permit is a felony offense. Persons between 14 & 21 years old may shoot a handgun ONLY under the direct supervision of a certified handgun instructor (NYS Penal Law Article 265).
  • Shooters shall comply with the laws of the state of NY regarding the handling and use of firearms at all times, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Rifle/Pistol Range

Effective May 15, 2017 membership has voted to shut the Rifle/Pistol Range during Trap shooting. The range will be closed from 6pm to 9pm on Saturdays, Sundays and Mondays while Trap is in session.

Should you have any questions contact Jeff Pearl.

845-562-7854 jpearl5863@aol.com