To Do List

Work Opportunities

The “Grounds & Maintenance” committee is posting a “todo” list of projects / tasks that we’d like to get done.  The list will change as things get done and new tasks are added.  The website will always show the most current list.  The newsletter will show the list that’s current that week.

The list provides an opportunity for members to take a task off the list and do it on their own time.

The list does not do away with upcoming work parties but does allow for a person or group to tackle a project on a day and time of their choosing.

If you’re interested in something on the list or would like to be added to the “work party notification list”, Please contact Mike Barton at 845-489-1358 or email at

The club will provide all required materials.  You may have to bring tools depending on the task or project.

🙂 mike barton


Updated List as of August 21, 2019

Workday to take trees down with Pat.

I need to communicate dates to Pat and would like a commitment from a few guys comfortable working with trees.  Pat is the expert and we just need a few good backs.

Please contact me if interested.   845-489-1358

Clear shoreline at old man’s dock.

We’re discussing making this area more accessible for shore fishing and launching smaller watercraft (canoes, etc…)

Mow and “Weed whack”.

This will be continuous through the warmer months.

I’d like to get a list of folks willing to help so that we can communicate.

Please email or call me if you’re interested.   845-489-1358

Clean the “fish cleaning” station.  Scrub it down with a bleach / water mix.

I’m not sure if this got done but it doesn’t smell as bad as it did.

There’s also some cut branches along the damn and in front of the clubhouse that need to dragged / thrown into the woods.